Childbirth, postpartum, and the parenting journey all require a great deal of strength and courage.

As a mother and a trained doula, I come to you honestly, having done the work to learn about conscious birth and having given birth utilizing all of the tools at my disposal.

I want you to come to your birth journey feeling well equipped to navigate the challenges you will face.

To be pregnant, give birth, and raise children takes thought, self-care,  a great deal of forgiveness, patience, and a sense of humor.

Come honor, celebrate, fume, relax, and surrender to the whole new worldview that comes when you are initiated into parenthood.

This birthing class will give you tools and techniques to carry in your pocket for those moments when you most need to access your whole self, which are often the same moments when the mind goes blank …

Train your body so that these tools will be in your muscle memory. At the ready when you need them most.

This class will provide you with tools and techniques to help you to:

  • Stay relaxed and grounded in challenging times
  • Connect with your partner or support network
  • Develop a healthy sense of resilience
  • Be able to fully play with your kids